Is WTHSA a non-profit?

WTHSA is a non-profit registered with the state of Tennessee.  This means that no individual(s) or organization(s) are or will be profiting from the success of WTHSA.  WTHSA is currently in the process of acquiring the 501(c)3 designation.  All funds are being used to build, run and cover costs of the organization.  A non-profit corporation does not have an owner that benefits from the “profit” of the company.  Non-profits are led by a Board of Directors and generally, an Executive Director (Athletic Director) runs the company.  Non-profits can use money to pay expenses and salaries of people who are working for the non-profit, with the exception of the Board of Directors.

What is the relationship between WTHSA and other homeschool groups and organizations?

WTHSA was started to give ALL homeschoolers in West TN an opportunity to participate and have options for sports and activities, as well as to prepare them and give them opportunities for post-secondary athletics.  There is no partnership or working relationship between WTHSA and any other homeschool group. There are no homeschool groups or organizations that benefit from the operations or business of WTHSA.  We do allow groups and businesses to sponsor WTHSA (and strongly encourage this!).  One homeschool organization has even stepped up to see that WTHSA starts off well by providing a sponsorship, however there are no kickbacks and WTHSA does not endorse or recommend one homeschool organization over another.

Do sponsors profit from WTHSA?

Sponsors in no way profit or will ever profit from WTHSA.  We recognize our sponsors on different platforms such as our website, social media, and on jerseys, but there is no monetary compensation for a sponsorship.  Sponsors give to help support the sports and activities programs and in return we let everyone know that these sponsors have given generously. WTHSA does not endorse the services, values, or beliefs of any of its sponsor organizations.